A Learning Space Has Everything You Need

to Learn and Have Fun!


Teachers and Coaches (TC)

We genuinely believe that good teaching is a combination of teaching and coaching. Our job is to create a learning space where you can learn and then facilitate the learning process.


Simple Design

We believe in simple design. All of the courses you will encounter on A Learning Space are simple and straightforward. Our team includes a graphic designer and instructional designer, who make sure that the design helps you learn but also appeals to the eye.


Learning in Groups

We stand by Vygotsky’s theory that learning is a social endeavor. Learning happens through interactions you have with others.  We maximize your ability to learn with others through discussions, WhatsApp / Telegram Groups, group lessons, and constant feedback from the TC.


Engaging Courses

If you started several online courses and never finished them, our space is for you. Our courses are highly engaging because we believe in learning by doing. You will find our courses filled with interactive exercises, live lessons, and meaningful assignments.

Teachers and Coaches (TC)


  Meet Your Coach

In A Learning Space, you will be working with a TC who will facilitate your learning process. We will be by your side throughout the entire course.


 Work with Professionals

All of our coaches have more than 5 years of experience teaching and keep up with the latest trends and research in education.


 Support and Patience

Our promise to you is to be very patient and supportive throughout your learning adventure. Learning is difficult enough and the last thing you want in a coach is someone who brings you down!

Why Choose A Learning Space?


  We are reimagining online learning

Learn in an online environment that is highly engaging and supportive.


 We know that each learner is different

It’s clear that one size doesn’t fit all. This approach is exactly why the current system of education doesn’t work. We believe each student is unique and we work with you to help you learn.


 We have fun

Who said that learning should be difficult and boring? We challenge ourselves to make it fun and enjoyable for you!

Our Course Development Roadmap

A Learning Space is a new project. Our goal is to reimagine online learning and continue to evolve based on the needs of our learners. As our team continues to grow, we plan on adding more courses in various languages. Come back and visit us again soon!

Contact me at russianforamericans@gmail.com
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