Teachers & Coaches (TC)

We genuinely believe that good teaching is a combination of teaching and coaching. Meet our amazing TCs.

Anna is the founder of A Learning Space and Russian for Americans. She is very passionate about learning and finding new ways to make language learning more fun and effective. She is bilingual in English and Russian and is a beginner in Spanish. During the day she works as an Instructional Designer and in the evenings she works on building her dreams. Anna lives in VA.

Tatiana is a passionate and kind teacher. She has helped many students gain confidence and speak Russian and English fluently. Her native language is Russian. She also speaks English and French. When she is not working she enjoys going out and enjoying cultural events. She thinks life is too short to be serious! Currently resides in Moscow, Russia.

Kseniia is a passionate teacher and traveller. She has lived in many countries including Russia, Japan, Hungary, and United States. In college she majored in Japanese language and culture and spent the next 15 years of her life teaching Japanese and Russian to students, as well as working as an interpreter and translator. She brings amazing energy to her classes and is a very fun and open person!

Contact me at russianforamericans@gmail.com
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