About A Learning Space

About A Learning Space

Welcome to a learning space. Why “A” learning space? The A stands for Adult learners, for Active learner, for Any learner. This is like nothing you’ve experience before.

Learning in our space follows 3 simple principles:


1. Learning is fun.

Most of the online courses you’ve probably taken are not that different from the old-fashioned classroom format. You listen to something, you write a paper on it, you post a discussion post. Our learning space is different. It’s engaging, it’s fun, and we don’t believe in grades, but we do believe in rewards.


2. Learning is social.

Learning is a social activity. We learn better together and from each other. We need the guidance of a coach or a mentor. Notice we don’t use the word teacher because you are responsible for teaching yourself. Our mission is to help you do that.


3. Learning is real.

Nothing is worse for adults than having to learn something completely irrelevant and unnecessary. Our goal is to make sure that this doesn’t happen in our space. All of our courses are designed with real-world application in mind.





Reimagining the way we learn


Experienced educator and instructional designer. Passionate about learning and designing learning experience that change lives.

Web developer Weblegacy with a passion for creating something new from nothing. A life long learner and just a happy person.

Graphic designer with a passion for making simple and clean designs.

Contact me at russianforamericans@gmail.com
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