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This will be an interactive webinar. Spots are limited!

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This event happens only 2 times a year. All language courses (Russian, Spanish, French, and Japanese) are launching. Students on the waitlist have been waiting for almost 6 months and the doors are about to open!

Join me for a 2-part webinar series, as I prepare for the launch and share with you what I’ve discovered in the process of developing courses and working with hundreds of students…

AUDIO Webinar # 1: Language Learning Myths and Mistakes


Your Host

Instructional Designer, Teacher, Learning Consultant,
Founder of ALS and Russian for Americans,
 and just a good person

Webinar # 2: Road to Success and Courses Launch! Watch the recording below.

Sunday, April 25 @ 5 PM EST

1. Transforming your language mindset and setting yourself up for success.

2. 10 tips for learning a foreign language.

3. Courses Launch! Presentation and Spring Opening!

4. Q&A (15 min)

*Gifts for everyone who attended both webinars!

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