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This course will introduce you to the beautiful and challenging world of the Russian language.

It’s funny but many Russians don’t understand why people would want to learn Russian.

If you are reading this you are that mysterious person (in the eyes of a Russian) who wants to learn the language of people with a rich history and a deep soul… and I’m that Virgil who will lead you through the Inferno of the Russian language (Divine Comedy).

Why this course?

In a world of YouTube bloggers and Duolingo type apps, why would you want to take a course?

Because you actually want to learn to speak Russian and not about Russian. You want to experience active learning!

This is a month-long course that will take you from zero or the “I’ve kinda studied the alphabet on my own” to actually being able to read, write, and start to speak in Russian. You will work on pronunciation, will begin to hear Russian words, and understand the logic behind many of the spelling/phonetic changes.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that you will learn Russian or become fluent. You won’t. This course will help you start learning Russian the right way… from the very beginning. It will lay the proper grammar and vocabulary foundations in a fun and interactive way.

*All registered students for the Standard package will also receive complimentary access to Russian yoga and 30 additional days of access to the course.

**This course uses Telegram as an app where we communicate and submit homework. I choose it because It’s one of the safest messaging apps out there and doesn’t let others see your phone number.


Meet Your Instructor 

Привет, my dear student! I can’t wait to introduce you to the beautiful and challenging world of the Russian language! A Learning Space is my dream project and my students will tell you I put my heart and soul into each course. Based on your feedback, I iterate and improve every course over and over again. My goal is not to reach perfection but to design courses that you fall in love with. Why? Because I know you want to learn. I know you want to grow and speak Russian fluently… so why wouldn’t I design something you ENJOY working on?

Career highlights: 

  • Trained over 160 diplomats in Russian for work abroad
  • Conducted over 250 language consultations
  • Currently develop online courses at the university level in various areas including data analytics, design thinking, leadership, instructional design, etc.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction
Welcome to Russian for Beginners! Details 00:00:00
An introduction to the Russian alphabet DetailsFREE 00:08:00
Practicing Russian Details 00:15:00
Questions? Details 00:01:00
Module 2: Learning to Read
Week 1 Materials Details 00:05:00
Our Best Friends Details 00:03:00
Stress in Words Details 00:02:00
Am I on track? Details 00:00:00
False Friends Details 00:06:00
Practicing Russian Details 00:15:00
Dictation # 1 Details 00:00:00
Vocabulary Check Details 00:10:00
Reading Rules Details 00:05:00
Am I on track? Details 00:01:00
New Friends Details 00:05:00
Sizzlers *ouch* and signs! Details 00:05:00
Am I on track? Details 00:01:00
Russian through Music Details 00:15:00
Dictation # 2 Details 00:10:00
Week 1 Quiz Details 00:15:00
Reading Details 00:15:00
Week 1 Complete! Details 00:01:00
Module 3: Deep Dive into Russian
Welcome to Week 2! Details 00:05:00
Week 2 Materials Details 00:05:00
Practicing Russian Details 00:10:00
Soft and Hard Indicating Vowels Details 00:05:00
Intonation Details 00:05:00
Am I on track? Details 00:02:00
Russian Through Music Details 00:08:00
Consonants Details 00:10:00
Quiz. Check yourself Details 00:10:00
Listening Quiz #1 Details 00:05:00
More on Vowel Reduction Details 00:05:00
Am I on track? Details 00:01:00
Gender of Nouns Details 00:10:00
Gender Quiz Details 00:10:00
Voiced and Unvoiced Details 00:05:00
Am I on track? Details 00:01:00
Listening Quiz # 2 Details 00:05:00
Dictation # 3 Details 00:10:00
Reading Details 00:15:00
Module 4: Russian Cursive (Bonus!)
Learning Cursive Details 00:30:00
End of Course! Details 00:00:00

Course Reviews


25 ratings
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  1. Sergei


    Really great course

  2. 5

    I really loved this and can’t wait to continue learning! It was easy but had enough challenges to make you learn. I can now hold small conversations in Russian and I love it!

  3. Great Course!


    This was a great introductory course! The group chat element made it very fun to learn. Спасибо Анна!

  4. perfect introduction


    This was a perfect intro to Russian. I am not the best at learning languages, but Anna’s lessons are broken down in manageable pieces that weren’t overwhelming. It had a variety of tasks and activities to make it well rounded – listening quizzes, dictation, homework, videos, music, and more. Anna was always open and available to provide feedback and answer questions. Спасибо! 🙂

  5. Perfect Introduction to Russian


    This course is the perfect introduction into Russian you’ve been looking for! I’ve tried learning and understanding the alphabet on my own, never able to grasp it. Now, I am reading words with ease! This course is fun, educational and interactive. Anna is a great coach, always providing feedback and answering questions. She is extremely helpful and patient. I can’t wait to start the next course. Learning Russian has become quite addicting, once you have started grasping it!

  6. Really good for getting started on Russian


    I absolutely recommend this course if you’re unsure on where to start off with Russian (because yes, it is darn hard). I enjoyed the three weeks of material provided by Anna, as it was sectioned off in small steps and very thorough, making it easier to blend it in with your other activities. Not to mention, Anna herself was always very approachable to any and all errors or questions I might’ve had. Thanks for everything! Спасибо!

  7. Take this course!


    Anna is a fantastic teacher! I really enjoyed the course and she was able to answer all questions. She always went above and beyond to help me understand Russian! Now I can read Russian. спасибо Анна. пока!!



    Anna did an amazing job at teaching this course! She taught it in a way that made learning Russian fun and understandable. I definitely recommend this class!

  9. Learning but fun!


    I loved this course. Anna’s lessons are creative and a great fun way to get started with learning Russian. If you are on the fence about taking the course just do it!

  10. A great starter to learning Russian!


    Anna is a dedicated teacher who is always ready to help you and answer your questions. I loved the group aspect of the class because we were able to learn from each other. Russian is a hard language to learn, but Anna does a wonderful job of breaking down the language into manageable chunks that are both challenging and fun.

  11. I am surprise at how much I was able to learn. Take this course, you won't regret it!


    I never knew I would be able to start understanding Russian. It seemed so foreign to, even more so than Japanese. By the end of this introduction course that fear was gone. I am ready to take my next step on learning this wonderful language. I doubt I’d have come as far as I think I’ve come on my own. Having a coach is essential and Anna was able to transmit her knowledge in such a simple and practical way that it is cemented in my brain. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  12. Awesome


    Loved how we jumped in to conversational and learning words. I’m amazed at how much I’ve retained. The lessons and materials are well put together and easy to follow.

  13. 5

    If you’re interested in learning Russian, start here. I learned how to read Russian in one month.. Read it! I knew zero Russian before. This course is great, easy to follow, self pace, I loved it.

  14. Very Beginner Friendly


    This course was very digestible, and way more informative than duolingo. I like the more natural learning style, like having us listen to actual conversations and music to pick up words.

  15. So Wonderful!


    I had been learning Russian for about a year before joining the course. Although I already knew some foundations, this course helped me apply what I was learning, drilled the subjects into my head, increased my vocabulary, and helped me learn some things about pronunciation that I didn’t already know. Regardless if you know some Russian already or if you know nothing, this course is a great start and is organized so well! I truly recommend taking this and other courses by Anna as well! You will learn so much and be in a wonderful language learning community.

  16. Anna is the best!


    привет мнея зовут Olya! this course helped me get a start on reading russian which then also helped with my speaking. i liked the teaching style and having a group to refer to. i spoke russian before but english took over so it’s nice to get some knowledge back! i would like to continue my studies so i can talk more to my babulya 🙂

  17. Cпасибо!! 5/5!


    I really enjoyed learning Russian with you! I took it slowly, and really tried to grasp each concept. Coming out of the course, I feel a lot more confident with the Russian alphabet, writing and even speaking..! Thank you so much– спасибо!!

    – Стивен А.

  18. Great Class


    This class was very helpful for me to begin learning Russian. Some of the assignments were a bit challenging for me but they were all definitely doable and fun. I specially enjoyed the Russian Through Music segments. The group chat element was handy for answering questions and getting feedback on our work. Within a month I went from not knowing any Russian at all to being able to read, pronounce, and understand some of it.
    -Адриана М

  19. Perfect for a Beginner!!


    This beginner’s course was perfect for a beginner who wants to learn to speak Russian. The lessons are excellent and not overwhelming or intimidating. Coach Anna is very pro-active as a teacher and is very thorough when answering questions or giving feedback. I highly recommend this course!!

  20. amazing 🤩 for beginners .


    I love it .

  21. Awesome class!


    This class was so helpful as a beginner! I definitely recommend it!

  22. Wonderful Introduction and Base to Russian


    Was a great introduction to the language! I have been trying to teach myself Russian for a couple months, but having lessons to follow, a native speaker as a teach and a community of other students to work with has really taken my learning to the next level.

  23. An amazing course!


    I absolutely loved taking this course, it’s very well structured and you’ll find yourself wanting to learn more and more by the fast progress you’ll feel that you’re making. It was very easy to learn following the examples that teacher Aннa gave and she is undeniable one of the best teachers I’ve ever had!

  24. Excellent course, wonderful teacher.


    I had been trying to teach myself Russian for a few months when I found Anna and her course. Anna is a wonderful teacher who explains the mysteries of the Russian language in a way you can understand. Without her I feel that I wouldn’t have had such a grasp so quickly. This course gives you the basics you need to build a strong base to build on in learning the language.
    Perfect for beginners, and those who have been navigating alone for a while who THINK they have a good grasp on what’s happening.

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