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Part 2 of Russian for Beginners.

In this course, our focus will shift from learning how to read to working on producing simple sentences about yourself. You will be able to ask simple questions and understand simple answers. We will continue learning using authentic materials and “real” language that is spoken in Russia.

The course includes the following components:
– lecture videos
– authentic audio / video
– interactive exercises
– PDF workbook
– group lessons via Zoom/Google Meets
– Telegram group interactions

Course length: 4 weeks

This course is perfect for those that have taken Russian for Beginners 1 and are ready to continue building a foundation in Russian. 

The final goal of this course is for you to be able to present the final project. You are going to be able to say a short monologue about yourself in Russian, ask simple questions, and answers simple questions from your classmates and me!


*Group lessons will be held at 12 PM EDT and 3 PM EDT or at a different time if all of the group members agree.

**This course uses Telegram as an app where we communicate and submit homework. I choose it because It’s one of the safest messaging apps out there and doesn’t let others see your phone number.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Russian for Beginners 2!
Welcome to Russian for Beginners 2! 00:05:00
Course Schedule 00:05:00
Module 1. Nouns and adjectives
Materials 00:05:00
Activity: Listening Comprehension 00:10:00
Practicing Russian 00:20:00
Grammar Note: Nouns 00:10:00
Grammar: Adjectives 00:04:00
Quiz 00:10:00
Grammar: “Какой” Question Word 00:10:00
Activity: Какой Song 00:10:00
Grammar Note: Spelling rules 00:05:00
Activity: Translation 00:15:00
Grammar: Verbs 00:15:00
Activity: Dictation 00:10:00
Activity: Listening Comprehension 00:05:00
Activity: Russian Through Music 00:15:00
Activity: Reading 00:00:00
Activity: Writing 00:20:00
Module 1 Reflection 00:05:00
Module 2. Plurals and Past Tense.
Welcome to Module 2! 00:01:00
Materials 00:00:00
Practicing Russian 00:10:00
Activity: Reading 00:00:00
Grammar: Какой это…? 00:00:00
Grammar: Nouns 00:05:00
Quiz 00:00:00
Grammar: Adjectives 00:05:00
Adjectives Quiz 00:00:00
Activity: Listening 00:00:00
Activity: Game 00:15:00
Grammar: Past Tense 00:05:00
Activity: Reading 00:15:00
Activity: Russian through Music 00:15:00
Activity: Dictation 00:00:00
Activity: Listening Comprehension 00:20:00
Module 2 Reflection 00:10:00
Module 3. Final Project
What?! A Final Project? 00:03:00
Final Writing Assignment 00:00:00
Course Reflection 00:00:00
End of Course! 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    Had a lot of fun! I learned a lot about the language and about my life(like making time for things I enjoy)

  2. Another great course!


    I continued from Russian for Beginners 1 and I can say with confidence that my Russian is rapidly improving! the pace of the course was perfect for me to stay on top of and the content was matched to my skill level. Спасибо Анна!

  3. 5

    Great follow up to Russian for Beginners 1, I enjoyed the challenge of writing an speaking more. Anna’s courses have been perfect for me, not filled with deadlines. With 3 kids I’m able to skip a day or two and still be on track. Anna thank you for introducing me to a beautiful language, and culture!

  4. Great continuation


    This was a great continuation from the first course. Very thorough and informative, Anna is a great teacher! I look forward to learning more.

  5. Great Continuation


    This course is a perfect set up for what is yet to come! Easy to understand, fun to participate in and flexible to your lifestyle. I can’t believe in the 8 weeks of taking RFB1 & RFB2, how much I have learned and comprehend. I really feel like I will be fluent one day!

  6. Excellent Course!!


    Russian for Beginners 2 is the perfect transition from Russian for Beginners. Anna has put together great lessons that aren’t too overwhelming while at the same time are very informative, fun, and do a great job building the foundation for learning to speak Russian. I highly recommend this course!!

  7. Anna is the coolest teacher


    Beginners 2 was such a great course. In the beginning, I had no idea I would be able to read and write in Russian so quickly. Anna doesn’t overwhelm you with anything. She makes you feel so comfortable and isn’t expecting you to be fluent and correct right away. I love how we are able to start so simple and by the end of this course you will write at least 15 sentences without struggling. It obviously takes practice on your part to retain the information. I enjoyed recording myself and sending it to the group chat and hearing everyone else’s progress. I also enjoyed attending the classes online. I learned that practicing one phrase out loud several times makes it stick. I’ve had the most productive summer while still enjoying myself and my family. As an adult, I wasn’t sure I could manage everything, but the way the course flows it works out very nicely indeed. Спасибо Анна!! До скорого!

  8. Highly Recommend


    I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning Russian. The teacher, Anna is very nice and has set up the program with many different tools to help you grow and strengthen your knowledge of the language and culture and she was always available to answer any questions.

  9. Wonderful course!


    I loved this course, the lessons were very well explained and Teacher Anna is the best. I was able to understand everything and my Russian has improved a lot:)

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